Friday, April 22, 2011

Alphabet For Kids

Alphabet For Kids is designed to teach English alphabet for kids in kids friendly manner i.e it introduces one animal for each letter. Animal sound is played after TTS(Text To Speech) introduces the animal by reciting first character of the name and its full name. It also shows the name of the animal with the first character highlighted using a different color in bold and big font. Animals are ordered in such a way that their names are in ascending order i.e A-Z. We tried our level best to choose animals that kids like. You can switch off display of animal name or reciting the name by going to settings.

We hope this app will make your kids learn alphabets in a very interesting way and he/she will be ahead of other kids in the same age. mail us at if you have other ideas for improving this app.

Ver 1.0

1. Introduced Alphabet for Kids app into market with very high quality images and sounds for kids
2. Shake phone and listen to sounds
3. Highlighted first character (to teach alphabet to your child)
4. Support for Honeycomb and motorola Xoom
5. TTS to recite the first alphabet of animal and entire animal name

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